We at Chilton Croft understand that it is a difficult decision to enter residential care accommodation, for both the elderly and their relatives. To move into a community setting after years of independent living is a major change which many people approach with confused feelings and apprehension.

We understand and appreciate the importance of this. Therefore if you or your relatives are in need of help now, or are planning for the future, we are happy to help you in any way and do all we can to ensure the move you make will be informed, easy and acceptable to you.

Our Home provides sensitive and skilful care in a warm and homely environment. Our primary aim is to enable residents to live as normally as possible in a situation where their individuality, independence and personal dignity are respected.

At Chilton Croft we understand that having your personal belongings around you will enable you to feel more at home, therefore we encourage you to bring your own ornaments, pictures, photographs and other special mementos to make you feel right at home.

“Thank you for making my mothers move from hospital to Chilton Croft so smooth. All the staff have been so helpfull. The care being given to my mother has been excellent and this has helped her to settle in so well.”