Catering for you

We delight in seeing our resident really enjoy their food, to this end all the food is prepared by professional cooks.

All of our dishes are homemade, and prepared daily using fresh fruit and vegetables. We are more than happy to discuss any special dietary requirements, simply speak to the manager and we will ensure everyone’s tastes and preferences are catered for.

We have a purpose built kitchen with up-to-date equipment ensuring the food and drink provided is of a high quality and prepared in a clean and hygienic area. Carefully prepared traditional menus offer a combination of nutritional value and excellence.

We start the day with morning tea/coffee with biscuits, and there is also afternoon tea with delicious cakes. Snacks are also available throughout the day.

We don’t expect residents to always eat in the dining room, on pleasant days, dining in the garden may be your preference- it really is up to you.